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    Helper II

    Introduction to Instagram ad campaigns

    Thought this article on Instagram best practices might be useful for others. I haven't done any Instagram advertising yet but it's up on my list of things to check out over the next few months. 🙂


    My takeaways:

    • Instagram has 400 million users, more than Twitter.
    • Best suited to B2C (business-to-consumer) companies.
    • Big names in clothing, cosmetics, athletics, and entertainment.
    • Brands get 50x more engagement than on Twitter.
    • Instagram users spend more money with brands they engage with.
    • Huge growth opportunity (only 36% of marketers use Instagram).
    • Ads are native; they look just like any other posts.
    • You can include a call-to-action button (exclusive to ads).
    • Ads can be photos, videos, or carousels (image galleries).
    • High engagement = better campaign performance.
    • Your first campaigns should be to learn about your audience. 


    How it works:

    1. Connect Instagram to your Facebook page.
    2. Use Facebook's Power Editor to create your Instagram campaign.
    3. Choose the ad objective (clicks, installs, views, or awareness).
    4. Create your ad set for the campaign.
      1. Images should be 1080px * 1080px.
      2. Videos = 72px resolution, 3-30 seconds, max 30MB.
    5. Set your budget preferences.
    6. Select your targeted audience, including location and interests.
    7. Uncheck all Placement options except for Instagram.
    8. Configure bidding options for campaign optimization.
    9. Specify your bid amount.
    10. View reports in the Power Editor.



    • Don't use complex images. Keep them simple.
    • Use very subtle branding.
    • Follow the 20% rule: max 20% of the image should be text.
    • Include content created by customers.
    • Come up with branded hashtags to help discovery/sharing.
    • Support your Instagram ads with organic posts.
    • Use Custom Audiences for highly-targeted, exclusive content.
    • Find new followers with Lookalike Audiences.



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    Advocate IV

    I've used Instagram ads for both my own business and for clients. Haven't had terrific conversion (not nearly as good as Facebook ads, for example) but the engagement is decent - IF you consider double-taps (likes) engagement. For B2C branding, certainly, it's a good choice.


    I'm going to try combining Instagram ads with a "tag a friend" giveaway next.

    Erika Kerekes, Founder & Condiment QueenNot Ketchup Gourmet Grilling Sauces