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    appointment help

    My business is Eyelash extensions and cosmetic tattooing. I only want to take 50% deposits for first time clients not for retiring clients


    1. I want my clients to add serval services at once when booking.

    2. I want to take 50% deposit on three services and not the others. 


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    Unfortunately, what you want to do is probably too complex for the GC webuilder unless you get creative.   There is no way to have a membership type feature where certain folks have permission for no deposits while others have to submit a deposit.


    For #1 you could create packages of services for folks to choose from by setting them up setting up a combo Category (Combo Packages) that include various services in one package.


    But I see no way of doing #2, unless again, you create a specific package that includes certain services and the deposit amount is based only on those you need upfront deposits for.


    HTH! 😉


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     Hello lashandbrowmumm,    I work with professional women, moms etc and I am their money coach. I was looking for someone in make-up, or beauty industry to have a beauty and money seminar. I just ran across your question and I  see you are an eyelash and tattoo makeup.  If you are open to exploring unique ways to expand your business,  Let me know. Much success to you