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24/7 phone support but no e-mail?

Here I sit with two young children playing loudly behind me, not wanting to make a phone call and try to have a technical conversation with them laughing and yelling in the background. I just have a simple question about DNS on the domain I transferred in, but can't even submit an e-mail to get a response.


This so far has been a horrible experience. The sad thing is I quit using GoDaddy before and came back because a friend insisted they'd fixed that problem.


Re: 24/7 phone support but no chat or e-mail?

Same boat Dude!  I deliver live presentations all day long.  I get 20 minutes between shows to establish and complete tech support.  Impossible on the phone - even with a call back service.  I need chat or quality forum support now!  If GoDaddy wants to service the needs of the customer, just listen.  I'm telling you what I need.  I need Chat Support to be available.  I could also get by with a Forum Monitor who is also a GoDaddy CSR, or an email address for a CSR on duty - not on vacation.

I need my SSL installed on my Domain.  I can't continue with development until this gets done.  But, I have NO METHOD to make this happen.

Re: 24/7 phone support but no chat or e-mail?

I was able to procure a larger block of time and call a GoDaddy CSR.  He fixed both of my problems in short order and educated me in the process.  I have to admit, my frustration stems more from my not knowing exactly what needs to be fixed, than it does with the support staff’s ability to fix it.  I believe that all the ones I have talked to so far have given at least 100%.  Thank you.


Re: 24/7 phone support but no e-mail?

Calling from Sri Lanka to USA is a mess with technical issues and poor voice quality - spelling the domain name or briefing the issue is hard,. email support is the best option.

Re: 24/7 phone support but no e-mail?

I would appreciate having email or chat as well. Like the others, sometimes I have a quick question and I just don't want to have to talk to anyone.


Jacquelyn Lynn
Inspirational Author / Publisher

Re: 24/7 phone support but no e-mail?

Same here. Chat is always unavailable, there is no email, and I've been trying for four days to get to talk to technical support on the phone, but nobody picks up. I wait for 40+ minutes and there is no response. Something is wrong with GoDaddy call center.