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After Sales Support ?

My website ( On LinuX Cpanel ) keeps getting down so frequently. It is impossible to work on my website , since it keeps saying website inaccessible every now and then. Tried with different browsers, PC, different ISP and even proxies but no luck. 

But the real issue is how exactly do I get in touch with the support guys to resolve this issue ?  i can see a support number . Is that the only way to contact them ? I mean in this digital age, we still have to rely upon telephonic support system ? 

Where is the ticket system to handle customer support ? What is the email to contact support ? Why is the support chat offline most of the time ? 

I moved from hostgator, so I definitely miss the rock solid, almost instant after sales support. 


Helper V

I agree on support ticket system. There's a lack of support ticket system on Godaddy and yes only phone is the way as they don't provide email support unless any executive have emailed you.


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After Sales Support is very bad. I never could chat with their people. Despite purchasing a very costly hosting plan I never let them know my problem to GD. This is really shocking.