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Blog interface - design capabilities.

The design capabilities on the store front is limited.  Almost to a point where it seems they are locked down to force a person to have to purchase a store and a website.  

Honestly, I am about to the point where i am pretty happy with my store, but I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that there is not a blog option to add in.  Yes, I know I can go to a completely different site and create a free blog and link to that, but that is unprofessional, and not what I was going for.  i'm going to live with it for now, and just not have a blog, but seriously, I have just checked out weebly, when I am ready, to really add the blogging component to my online presence, I am probably moving my site elsewhere.  Weebly is cheaper and offers the combination of your 2 separate services of the website builder and the storefront for cheaper and also has the blog interface.  Will there be any options like this in the future or did I miss one that you have?


Thank you!

Former Employee

Hi @catchamoon1977, We appreciate the interest. A lot of people share your curiosity on this. I recently read this article and it may spark some ideas:


There are some other store/blog resources linked there as well, or you may even want to reach out to the author. 


Best of luck,

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