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Clarification of Products & Services

Why is it so very difficult to get a straight answer from GoDaddy?  I've made several telephonic and one chat request to determine the cost to upgrade our web builder to the most recent version.  GoDaddy provides a cost.  Then just when I think I have the information needed for my annual report to the Board, GoDaddy throws in a variable like hosting.  The learning curve deficit is likely mine as i was born during the 1st half of the previous century.  GoDaddy quite possibly is accustomed to dealing with other youngsters.  The problem may be twofold.  First technology seems to be priced differently than other goods and services.  Secondly, the problem may likely be inter-generational communication.  I come from an era where the price is the price.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I might encourage GoDaddy to give me unambiguous, bottom line cost information that I can share with my board of directors?Smiley Frustrated

Helper II

There will be non. To compete with other hosting companies GoDaddy gives the unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth (*) to normal users .. people who get only specific % of visitors .. if, however, you get more people using your site... than you will have to pay more for VPS or a Dedicated Server that might cost you around $100 per month that's $1200+ per year ... and even that is limited to how much you will use..


And this is common across ALL web-hosting companies.


Think of it as the old cellphone system ... pay per minute...

That is why now they have something could ... Cloud Hosting .. which is pay by usage... made for people who do not know how big they will grow... could cost $20 to Millions base on usage


at the end it is super hard to anticipate how much you use, thus giving a price is hard...

Think of Godaddy as a restaurant , you're the client and they have to server you and your clients something to eat... they could give you an estimate ... but maybe that will not be enough and they have to serve you more food (bandwidth, storage, ram, cpu) ... something like that.


Just get something small ... and if you grow godaddy will not cut you off, they just ask you to upgrade to the next level of service.

Good luck

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Hi @Desert-Reiver,


The answer is simply this:

If you deal with someone with competition, they will always pitch the 'from as low as', or 'starting at' lowest prices. You can not negotiate with them, me and you are merely grist for the mill. You don't have any or very little control over a service cost. What you need is what it will cost!

You do have bargaining power with the guys closer to your eye level.

It's relatively simple to approach a good developer and get a fixed price for a service. He or she may still host with the big guys, but their price will be all in inclusive and they will have worked it all out because that's what they do for a living. The difference being there won't be any surprises, as long as you signed a contract that is............

You can give THAT to the board.........................

Food for thought!