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Go Daddy Customer Service (A Rose By Any Other Name?)


How incredibly irritating!!1 Stupid pop-up chat box always in the **bleep** way. When I finally use it, I am told to be patient, as I am 2nd in line, and chat agents are busy. I dutifully wait, writing a short summation of my problem. When I look back on the screen, I find that the chat session has terminated, because you “have not heard from me”. Now the chat service is off-line, and I am advise to call. I don’t want to call. All I want is for you to exhibit the same patience you ask of me. Seriously, there has been almost nothing but problems since my first purchase from you, and I am in no manner what could be described as “a happy camper”. Very dissatisfied customer. If this is the kind of service I can expect in these initial stages, I am left to wonder how lacking your customer support will be once my e-commerce stores are up and running. Maybe I was wrong to leave 1 & 1 for Go Daddy? Seems like no one is disputing this conclusion.


Below is reproduced my initial concern which was to have been voiced to your chat agent.

Note: I am also a trifle disappointed that a returning customer, such as myself, has never beenn offered any sort of promotional code, discount, or incentive. Seems a rather shabby way of treating someone who returns to make additional purchases. Hmm…..


Aloha. Just a short time ago, I purchased 2 new domains. 1) "", and 2) " The purchase cost was $6.14, and I elected to pay through my Pay Pal account. For some reason, your purchase interface advised me that this method was not working, so I paid with an American Express card. About ten minutes later, I noticed an email from Pay Pay, stating that they had charged my account $6.14 for a purchase from Go Daddy. As this account at Pay Pal is one which I will be using for my business, it is important that I have no problems, or submissions with no money. Could you please check and let me know if there were duplicate payments made, one from Pay Pal, and one from American Express? My name is Brian Jess, and I am a very disgruntled Go Daddy Customer


Hi @B_Jess_Honolulu, thanks for posting about your issue.

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had with chat support. We are continuing to improve and expand our chat services.
Based on your description, it sounds like you have a billing question. Members of the community wouldn't have access to your account to review this. You will want to chat with support at another time or call our support teams. I do hope you are able to get in touch with support and get this sorted out.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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