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GoCentral calendar and payment feedback

I would like to be able to place appointments on the calendar outside of the stated times, without having to alter the schedule to book outside of the stated time, then replace the original schedule. For example, I may want to book outside of my schedule without opening it for others to place an appointment inadvertently. Thanks!



I would like to be able to block clients from my calendar once we have had an infraction.


I would like to be able to block a week, month(s), or year at a time. Not manually block each day. Way too time consuming. Clients tend to slip an appointment in when I am blocking the calendar. Thanks!

Receiving Payment

I would like to be able to have different deposit amounts for any selected option the client may want to book. Some selections cost more and I want to be able to maximize my profit and keep more money in my pocket should someone not show or cancel. Thanks