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Has Godaddy screwed up my contact form? - malware had been found on my site and removed.

For over 5 years my website contact form has worked perfectly. As of last Thursday it stopped sending emails to me. This coincides with me receiving an email from Godaddy stating that some malware had been found on my site and removed.


A call to the help line resulted in our developer being blamed and the call ended  with a sales pitch for early renewal.


Almost certainly this is a server issue with godaddy but cannot contact by phone is there an email through to help which will supply a prompt reply?


Is my best option to remove all my websites from Godaddy?

Helper V

You must use Sitelock or SSL to protect your website. As Godaddy said this was done by someone online and is not their fault. I suggest you should keep an eye on your code as everything is getting update daily.

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Did you ever get this fixed? If so what was the problem? I am having the same problem right after they contacted me and said they removed malware off my site?


I can no longer use any type of forms on my site.