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How can I get support in Cambodia?

I live in Cambodia and getting Godday support is difficult and expensive. I either have to make a international phone call or wait until the chat system is active, which is like 1am in Cambodia. 


The chat system works well when it's available.


Why can't Godaddy invest in an Internet based phone system using skype, viber, line or any of the other VOIP systems.


I understand that using an email based help system is very hard, all that reading and typing. I do miss it though. Simple no rush, explain things in a written document.


I am wondering the same thing. I am currently deployed to Iraq and am looking for support from here as well. Thank you for bringing this up!

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hello there,

I was checking out the boards and run across community suggestions, ( ), this issue is much larger then just the community however might be a place to suggest this?

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Hi @riversidebistro@klisterman@mrsroadrunner


Thanks for raising this issue. Unfortunately, I don't have an immediate solution for you. The only way to get in contact with support currently is via telephone or online chat. We are in the process of expanding our chat availability though. I don't have a timeframe for when that will happen, but at least you can know that it's in the works. Email support may return in some form or another in the future, but for right now it's not a possibility. We appreciate your feedback and hope you can remain patient with us while we continue to expand. Thanks!


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I don't know about the others posting on this thread, but no, knowing that it's 'in the works' doesn't resolve my problem. I am in Australia and I'm not keen on phoning the US for a technical issue (which is usually a long-winded call). There's no email support that I can find and the chat is always offline when I check. What timezone and times are the chat available, please?

Thank you @JesseW, but I agree with @bekwek... It surprises me that there is no backup system in place for when chat is offline. I have always used GoDaddy for the very reason that your support is incredible. I am in the same situation as these two, deployed out of the country for an extended period of time. I have been having some issues with cPanel hosting that have hindered me from getting other issues resolved with two of my websites. This is very cumbersome because chat always seems to be offline. It just really surprises me that GoDaddy wouldn't at least allow regular email support during times when chat is offline. I can wait for an email response... at least it would be something. Thanks again for your time!


Take care,


@klisterman and @bekwek I absolutely get your disappointment and frustration. It may not be ideal for you, but those are the options we have for live support currently. Hopefully reaching out here on the forums and using our Help Center articles will also be of help to you. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.