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Helper III
Helper III

Integrating Help with Hosting Reseller

Create an option where people can show a help desk via their hosting re-seller. They can do it directly through a mirrored version possibly where the Contributors show up on the re-seller sites, along with a "manual" choice where administrators want to answer questions themselves, etc.

On both versions, include a default affiliate link for each customer account to show original copyright of GoDaddy, while allowing people to only link to their custom site instead, and possibly tie those commissions in with the re-seller payout.


UPDATE: GoDaddy has incorporated the Help Articles, although the Contributors seem to not be tied into that community, as the main GoDaddy Community does. The biggest hurdle is showcasing the help articles, and that's already been accomplished. 


For future considerations, more flexibility and options could be made available in this area.

Helper V
Helper V

Re: Integrating Help with Hosting Reseller

Hello I didn't understood what you're trying to say. Please make it clear and use simple sentences so that anyone can understand it without reading much. It's also a good SEO Practice.

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Helper III
Helper III

Re: Integrating Help with Hosting Reseller

Despite how the moderators and admin likely knew what I was talking about, I'd be happy to clarify. Thanks for the heads up about being clearer.


My proposal was to integrate a Help page showing these articles: GoDaddy Help & Support | Customer Knowledge Base - GoDaddy Help within the re-seller hosting plan. Update: They have their own help area via the FAQ section although the Contributors seem to not be tied into it, etc.


2 options could be made available: 1) Regular Option . . . 2) Custom Option

The regular option integrates the help area along with the contributors in the GoDaddy Community. Then the custom option, the administrator makes up his own team and moderators to answer questions.


Then once it's integrated, possibly allow a custom copyright on the footer (or wherever) to signify GoDaddy owns the copyright to those help articles, although the option of only linking to your site can remain available as well. Then possibly link to the main GoDaddy website on that Copyright notice with a default affiliate link, that's included in the re-seller payout.


GoDaddy already has what's needed, but more flexibility and options could be considered in the future in this area, since the help area is important.