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Recipe Function - No Recipe function in Website builder? Careers/Jobs - No Jobs Function in builder

  • There is no recipe function or recipe template, or food blogger template in Website builder?  Seems like an obvious need, given the ubiquity of recipe/food websites. . . .
  • No careers function in Website builder? There needs to be a Jobs template which feeds into the Google jobs amalgamator--how is this not a dropdown option for menu pages in website builder . . . .

Hi @BusinessOwner1,


Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for the interesting input. When using the Websites+Marketing plan, keep in mind that the template design you choose is foremost (Where you want things positioned, what colors, etc). All of the pictures in the template can be changed to reflect the recipe/food website and blog you want to present. There are a number of food related options you can choose in your settings menu, including "Food Blog" as a category. This opens up the selection of just under 3,500 food-related pictures available for the website.


A jobs site would be better served with a forums application or WordPress - using the appropriate plugins. Applications can be installed free on a cPanel Hosting plan. You could check with Google as to which applications they permit to integrate. WordPress would give you the opportunity to create a jobs board, especially one that would permit multiple external entries. 


Hope this helps!



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