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What type of Hosting to Choose? Windows VS Linux

Businesses have evolved over time, and in this age of technology and global communication, having a website is increasingly important.


Every business owner knows how important it is to pay special attention to two fundamental aspects:

  1. Reduce costs.
  2. Stay at the forefront.

In order to satisfy these two requirements, it is essential that the company has a presence on the internet. In this way you can reach a greater number of clients, with a minimum investment cost, managing to increase your profitability.


Companies of all levels are migrating their traditional business model to one online, which allows them to attract more customers. All thanks to the fact that Internet access has become widespread in most of the world and what was previously limited to purchases and visits from a desktop computer, has now been greatly expanded with the widespread use of mobile devices and smartphones with access to the web. More and more customers around the world are connected to the internet and willing to buy from this platform.


In view of all these changes in the technological world, every company needs to consider the possibility (if it has not done so) of "linking" its business to the world of the internet and in this way: grow and survive. 


One of the best options available to you is the hiring of a Private Virtual Server VPS.



On a server, different operating systems are installed and executed independently, but they will work at the same time. Each of those virtualized operating systems is a VPS.


A server can host multiple VPS and let these work at the same time. The company that manages the server, generally the same ones that offer Web Hosting services , will rent each VPS as a completely independent service.


For the end customer in most cases, there will be no difference between using a VPS and a physical server, except of course and the final costs.



There are many scenarios in which the ideal is to choose to hire a VPS. 
Let's analyze the reasons:



Having a physical server requires having the necessary infrastructure to be always online, which includes: energy backup, internet with good transfer rate, cooling system, cover the cost of electricity and equipment depreciation. In addition, it is usually necessary to support an IT team, to take care of the maintenance tasks.


The best option for any business would be to have its own server, but operating costs are not always very accessible.


If you and your business can not afford that expense, then they are perfect candidates for hiring a VPS. 
Thanks to the fact that a single server will be divided into several VPS, the operating costs decrease considerably, leaving you the opportunity to contract a VPS for a minimum part of what you would spend while maintaining the entire server.



If you require complete control of your server in order to install or uninstall applications and services, then a VPS is your best option. I would hire the service to a Web Hosting company and they would provide the data to be able to access it through a virtual desktop or console. By this means, you can access your server as if it were any equipment you have in your office.


Remember that all VPS are independent of each other, so that your VPS would not affect what someone else did, nor could you affect them in any way.



Your VPS will work like any server but since it is "virtualized", you will not need to take care of the physical maintenance tasks. Forget about emergencies due to power outages or power surges, internet problems, computer updates or any other work that has to do with hardware.



The company to which the VPS is contracted installs the operating system of our choice according to the availability and on it we can install any application or service that we need.


In case of any failure caused by the applications that we have installed or a wrong configuration, we can always return to restore the server without any problem, thanks to the backup options offered by Web Hosting companies.


If the   disk space or the characteristics of our VPS are not enough for us, we can always ask our provider for an adjustment without having to re-install everything from scratch and without downtime in our service.



Whenever you choose to have a physical server, the security issue falls on the hands of the company that manages it. So security is always an important issue when you think about setting up your own server.


In contrast, the companies that offer VPS services have a powerful infrastructure and a team of IT engineers who support the security of their servers. You can be completely sure that your VPS is completely isolated from the other VPS of the same server and free of threats from outside the network, thanks to the connections that provide you to access your virtualized server are encrypted.



The company that provides the VPS service will also offer technical support. You will not have to worry if something does not work as it should. You will have all the help you need and will be attended by true professionals in the area. They will solve the problem for you, regardless of the day or time.



As we can well realize, hiring a VPS is one of the best options for all those companies that require a server at a low price. This option will avoid major maintenance costs and IT support equipment. They are a very flexible and scalable option, in addition to offering high levels of security. 

Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.
Community Manager

Thanks for the great post, @Zulfiqar! I'm sure some will find it very helpful Man Very Happy


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.
Community Manager

Thanks for the great post, @Zulfiqar! I'm sure some will find it very helpful Man Very Happy


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Thank you 

Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.