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    $150 for wordpress website restoration?

     Hi. My wordpress url is rascalthepitbull.com  And i cannot find my website under the "My Products" page. I tried to renew it, and when i came in to "Manage" it and renew it myself, the account got "canceled"? (On the options page near the green button that says manage) 
    I was told to renew my plan,  and take advantage of GoDaddy's 30 day backup  to restore my website and get it back.
    Can someone walk me through this?
    Thank you 😞
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    Re: $150 for wordpress website restoration?

    Hi @Sanglamore, thanks for posting.

    If your hosting plan expired and was canceled, you will need to call Support to see if a restore is available. Support can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:



    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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