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    Can't Access Staging Site



    I can not access my staging site. When I click on Staging WP Admin it just redirects me to my production WP Dashboard.


    Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix this?



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    Re: Can't Access Staging Site

    I am having the exact same problem.  I have been unable to find a solution yet.

    Re: Can't Access Staging Site

    Same problem. I wonder if you have to go into the db via phpmyadmin to change the site url, especially if you selected to "overwrite content" when pulling from production to staging. It seems strange GoDaddy wouldn't have that covered. 


    Anybody else have a hard answer here?

    Re: Can't Access Staging Site

    Reporting back that that does work, though that shouldn't be required imo. 

    To change the site url, go to wp_options table and change "siteurl" and "home" rows to your staging site's url. 

    STAGING Admin : Cannot access WP Admin Panel due to SSL?

    II am trying to test my staging site. If I click on the wp-admin link, it gives the following ssl error:

    (I have just previously done a successful pull from production to staging  with overwrite)



    Re: STAGING Admin : Cannot access WP Admin Panel due to SSL?

    Just tried again, still the same error. How can we escalate this ticket to tech support?

    Former Employee

    Re: Can't Access Staging Site

    Hi @caitsmith 


    This probably means the push from production to stating did not complete successfully. You can go into the staging database and change home and site URL in the wp_options table. Or you can reach out to hosting support department at (480)463-8824 and have a tech lead to take a look.