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    Cart says empty after adding items for SOME, not all, customers

    My problem- and it only happens to SOME people on my site (bazookabob.com). 


    After adding items on my Woocommerce site, go to the cart and you get the "Your cart is currently empty" message. The cart icon still shows the items as added into the cart. 

    OR- you get to the cart and when clicking to checkout or change quantity...back to "Your cart is currently empty"


    Again important to know, this doesn't happen to everybody and is not browser or device specific. GoDaddy can't recreate the problem and I've only been able to get it to occur once and not again on multiple devices.


    I am able to see it occurring using heatmapping software so I can see as users have it happen.

    Seems like a caching problem but GoDaddy insists it isn't. It seemed to begin after an update by Godaddy in March BUT..... Just got the idea to check exit pages on Analytics and it seems the problem MAY have been happening since Godaddy first created my woocommerce site.


    GoDaddy has been unable to offer a fix but I'm hoping someone here has better skills or ability to think outside the box as to what this could be.



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