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    Caveat Emptor

     I  have been a GD  customer for around 12 years now and always had good service  so when i first needed a wordpress  site i turned again to GD  to give my new affiliate site the boost that GD talked about so  In good faith based upon the go daddy  marketing hype i purchase  the managed wordpress hosting,  

    it starts well enough although it was incredibly slow, so  i spoke to go daddy  and was informed to buy the next level as it would be quicker so i jump from 15 gbp a month to 29gbp plus tax 

    and it makes no difference at all,  i contact the  affiliate site who reliably inform me that it would be best to add a cron to my hosting Cpanel, so i contact GD and yes they said as your site is newand not  much  traffic  a cron would be a good idea, Great   but AH theres a catch , To add it  GD want to charge me 79 dollars, - no way, it says nothing about extra charges when you buy product or what you can and cannot do with it,  so it was suggested by GD that i should buy  linux Hosting with Cpanel 

    and they would do the transfer, so i buy and then they say no we can only do that for an extra 99 dollars, this is on top of around 30 domains i already have with them and countless products after around 5 hrs,m getting nowhere with the thick skinned folks at GD, i'm ready to jack the whole caboodle in with them,


     i need reccomendations for good hosting companies who care about customers not profits.


    please share.  

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    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: Caveat Emptor



    I'm a little confused by what product you have purchased from GoDaddy. You mention in your post about cPanel which sounds like you've purchased GoDaddy "Shared" Hosting - which is the GoDaddy's cPanel servers.


    It sounds like from what you've described below that you are having resource issues on the server and that GoDaddy support was telling you to purchase the upgraded resources. 


    Over the years I've hosted sites on a Windows Server with GoDaddy, I've also used the cPanel servers. Today I use the Managed WordPress platform and a VPS (WHM/cPanel) server.


    There is a difference in performance between the different platforms and depending on what you are looking to do. I can tell you that I had 40 sites on one of the "shared" servers - but these were all 5 pages sites getting <250 visits a day. 


    External scripts can sometime cause loading issues with memory.  


    My suggestion / experience would be to get setup with a Managed WordPress - The Ultimate package includes an SSL certificate. 


    Hopefully this will help get you going in the right direction.







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