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    I can't access my website!

    Hey everyone!

    I can't access my website, when I checked the cpanel i found that the RAM and I/O is full usage!


    How I can reset that!! is there any button to reset my server! I mean the virtual server of course because I'm on a shared server!

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    Helper VI

    @janti you can kill your php processes from cpanel. Go to PHP processes and then you can kill them. That should do the trick.

    However, if you experience it again, you should consider using Cloudflare, or any CND of your choice. If a CDN doesn't help you, you may want to move your site to a VPS or a bigger plan.


    Hope it helps!


    PS: you posted it as managed WP, which is a different service from what you have. Next time, in order to receive proper help, you should post in the corresponding forum.



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