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    Moving a large Wordpress site over to managed hosting on a new domain

    Hi there. Looking for a bit of help on what the 'Add domain' function actually does. I started with a temporary domain to test stuff out, and have now added as the primary domain a domain name I bought to move a Wordpress blog (hosted elsewhere, under a domain name registered elsewhere).


    I note, however, the temp domain still works, even with paths following the top level, and I can add further domains in the control panels. If I transfer the old domain name across to GoDaddy, could I add it in this panel and avoid the need for 301 redirects (which I may post separately about as what exactly I need to do confuses me there).

    Overall objective for context: We have a multi-author site that I want to move from olddomain[.].com hosted elsewhere to newdomain[.]net, registered and hosted at GoDaddy.


    We have years of links out there using the old domain, so I also want URLs such as olddomain[.]com/2018/this-article-1 to redirect to newdomain[.]net/2018/this-article-1, because I will set it up so the link structures are the same after the TLD.

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