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    What happens if I don't renew my hosting?

    I've purchased a domain name to practise web design in Wordpress. I'm only using it to mess around with the layout and design but I need to purchase the Wordpress hosting plan. 


    If I only pay for the first 6 months and then don't pay anymore I'm guessing I lose the hosting, but do I still keep the domain? I paid for the domain for 2 years so I really don't want to lose it after just 6 months. 


    After I lose the hosting can I choose a different hosting plan?

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    The obvious thing happens really........... ⚰️




    You will only keep that which you pay for.

    No pay, no play!

    Hosting and domains are separately products. You can buy a hosting for just one month, but you can´t buy a domain for less than a year. You can see when your domain is about to expire on your products > domains > manage > additional settings.