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    Why Managed WordPress hosting prices have big differences and offerings?



    I am currently on WPEngine as my website in on WordPress. I am quite happy with the service and the other day I was browsing to search for more options as I feel WPEngine is a bit pricey for me. Then I found that every other managed hosting option have big difference in the prices, which is clubbed with some additional features. I want to understand how we can actually see what hosting best suits for us considering the budget and max offerings. I found this website reviewsdir - which has listed some WP providers, however, I couldn't find GoDaddy in it, so trying to figure out how if the listed options are more compatible/reliable, and if yes, how so much difference in their prices?

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    Wordpress hosting at godaddy is great with the automated backups and updates to your core files they handle for you. They also include ssd (solid state hard drives) which offers much faster file transfer and overall better speed. 



    Be sure to not neglect the security of your wordpress site and include sitelock essentials in your package to keep your site malware free.



    Best practice outlined in this article^ regarding updates,security,backups etc.


    Also during setup of a wordpress site you may need to preform configuration changes to the hosting account/php configuration. 


    Godaddy offers expert services to help diagnose and resolve these issues or you can change them yourself if you are familiar with the debugging in wordpress which is relatively easy to enable and get the errors indicating the changes you need to make. 

    Mike L. | WebPro