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Also allowing an e-mail link instead of an e-mail address being posted in the whois lookup.

Wondering when you will be able to add a field for the whois database, that will allow  you to place preferably an https link to an e-mail address form you would like to be contacted by instead of the only current option of an e-mail address.  Can't tell you how many times I have picked up SPAM by allowing the e-mail address being shown in the whois database.  This way there would not have to be any e-mail addresses  posted in the whois database at all, forcing users that wanted to contact the site to have to go through the site's own form, if the site so wanted this type of option.


In other words, no e-mail addresses would have to be posted on the site at all, and hopefully including the whois database.


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Hi @SammyT,


the whois database has criteria that that has to be followed, it's not there to advertise or drive traffic to your site, or obscure details. It is merely a lookup of info   The true purpose is to be able to trace miscreants etc and is used by law enforcement and tax authorities. It is not perfect, but then neither are all the folk who have sites. 

If you want privacy then you can get it, but then godaddy keep your details, but will pass on to authorities if any laws are broken. They will also pass on emails sent to the address given in the Whois data. So win win situation. 


"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" 


Spam is stopped by intelligent use of email filters and taking time to report any you get. 

Sorry, but still disagree.  It's not about privacy.  It is the ability to just have another method one could choose of how they wanted to be listed.


So if I did choose to force one to have to use my e-mail form if they wanted to e-mail me, that could be my decision.


I do use SPAM filters.  It doesn't always seem to stop the source though.  It's kind of like a doctor giving you pills to help you live with your issue, versus getting rid of the source of the problem in the first place.


I had just shared an idea, that's all.  In my later years and now in retirement, I do have to admit, I really do enjoy my privacy.


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Hi again @SammyT,


Yes I agree it's good to swap ideas here, I guess I was trying to say that the Whois database is independent of godaddy. Godaddy has no influence over the Whois database whatsoever, absolutely none. But as a legal and responsible requirement as a registrar of domain names, has to abide by the criteria of Whois database. 

So it's absolutely not up to godaddy on how it feels to interpret those requirements. 

Godaddy already offers a privacy option, and that's as good as it gets unless you can change the Whois system for the world 🌎  Because the changes you propose would change the system for all of us. 


Contrary to popular beliefs, godaddy is not omnipotent, although it could be argued omnipresent, and only god is both they say. 

Ah... But that's just it.  As large as a Registrar that GoDaddy is, they can have a strong influence with ICANN.

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Hi @SammyT,