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.CO.ZA domain stuck in "pending update" after transfer


We have transferred a customers domain from afrihost to our godaddy server.

Transfer was started on the 22.10.2016, allocated in the system on the 25.10.2016.

Since the transfer was started it is now 5 days and the domain in our system is still on "pending update" status.

The customer can't use his emails and the website is still having the IP address from the old hoster afrihost.

How long does it take to have the full access to the new domain in our system?

We have already created email addresses and folders and the website folder points to the domain in our system, but the DNS and IP address is still the old.

This is really irritating for the customer that he can't even use his email accounts since 5 days.

We have used the godaddy domain transfer service, but it seems they just wait that everything is done electronically instead of giving the service of real help with a transfer.


Any help is heavily appreciated.

Advocate VII

Hi @mobilenet,


You're right it typically doesn't take this long.  Quick question, were the email notifications for the transfer confirmed?  Also, was the email being sent to the domain name involved in the transfer?  If so, the emails may not have reached the domain registrant to confirm the transfer. 


I'm not exactly sure of how this will be resolved, but perhaps start there and check.  If the confirmation emails have not had a reply the transfer won't go through.


Hope this helps,


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Maybe I wasn't clear enough.


The domain transfer should be finish and done.

The transferred domain is in our pool but the status is on "pending update".

We can add folder and email addresses to the domain.

But the DNS and the IP still points to the old hoster.

So means the website is reachable but when you ping the domain the IP is still the old IP.

So the update is not done from the IP and the DNS, but the domain is with us now.

I know godaddy is normally updating the IP and DNS when the domain is moved to them.

But it is still pointing to the old hoster.

That's why our customer cant receive or send emails through the accounts.

Should we set per hand the new DNS and IP?

In our system the IP address is the new one but the nameserver are still pointing to the old one?

What kind of service is this offered from godaddy when you at the end still have to do the work?