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Can't turn off two-step verification

I follow the ''

When I try to turn off two-step verification and select Login & PIN.

It also need two-step-verification....

It's a Dead cycle!

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Community Manager

Re: Can't turn off two-step verification

Hi @lebao99. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


I understand your confusion. In this case, you'll need to follow the instructions under the "I can't log into my account" section. That would be your best way forward if you aren't able to receive your two-step verification codes. Hope that helps. 


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Re: Can't turn off two-step verification

I have the same issue. I don't believe there is any 'confusion' the problem is that if you turn on 2FA using an Authenticator app, then move to another phone, you can't get into your account as you need the original Authenticator app to log in... 


Please can you confirm where the "I can't log into my account" link is? I can't find it, maybe because I am able to log into my account, the 2FA issue is only apparent when you want to change anything.


This is a big issue because you can't even show your "support PIN" to talk to support as this needs 2FA.


For anyone else in this predicament there is a form to remove 2FA from your account (search Go Daddy 2FA removal form) but you'll need to be the original account holder.

Re: Can't turn off two-step verification

The instructions for turning off 2-factor authentication when you can log into your account DO NOT WORK. You are told to go the login/pin page and look for an "edit" button. There is no edit button. It just generates another code to the phone number you are trying to de-authenticate. Basically, it's impossible to turn off 2-factor if you no longer have the phone number it uses. You are forced to download a form. Print it out. Sign it. Scan it. Attach it. Email it. Wait several days.


I appreciate 2-factor but when you know your account number, PIN number, , username, password, and can access the email address associated with the account, that should be enough to change your phone number.

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Re: Can't turn off two-step verification

Hi @mikeywize


You are right - if you can no longer access the phone number that is on the 2-step verification, you can't turn it off inside the account. This keeps the bad-guys out that don't have your number (even if you don't have it either). Call our support team if you need help with the online form so our 2-step team can remove it as quickly as possible. 



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