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DNS should point to a AWS S3 hosted page



I would like my GoDaddy domain to point to a AWS S3 hosted static webpage. Here's what I did:


1. I created 2 buckets on S3 - and

2. The bucket has all my web assets. The other bucket has a redirect to (got this from the AWS S3 docs)

3. In my GoDaddy DNS page, I have pointed my CNAME with Name as 'www' and Value as ''.


When I go to or, no webpage loads. works just fine though.


I'm relatively new to web-hosting so I was playing around with my 'A' and "NameServer' records and might have deleted or changed something. Currently my Records don't have an 'A' type. When I try to add 'A' to point to it says 'Please enter valid IP address'. S3 doesn't have static IP addresses so not sure what to do.


Any ideas what is wrong? I'm probably missing something basic.

Thanks a lot.

Super User IV

S3 does not allow you to point a domain directly at it, my suggestion would be to use the domain forwarding in the DNS Managed to forward your domain to the S3 URL - If you want to "hide" the amazon URL, you can enable masking when you setup the forward.



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