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Did GoDaddy make this chance to my DNS record?

Wordfence just reported to me that a change was made to my DNS record. This is the change.


Old DNS records:
New DNS records:


Did GoDaddy make this change?


Hey @geercom,


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Afraid I don't recognize the changes made as that's not a default record any of our automated updates would ever use. Chances are likely this was not a change we made within our automated system.


Did anyone else have access to your account? You might check with any who do as the changes were possibly made by them. 


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Because this is a Community Forum open to the public to share ideas and knowledge with others. If you're looking for a private support discussion about your account, you'll need to reach out to our live support via phone or chat.


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Helper V

There are multiple types of DNS records, such as NS, A and MX. What type of DNS record is that from?


Also, where is the domain registered and where do you see the DNS record?

Helper V

Looking at your MX Records I see the Main Domain is and the SOA and NS Records show the domain's DNS is hosted with Cloudflare. If that is the case then Godaddy would not be able to change the MX Record. 


"dig MX" shows the current MX Record is 



both and have an IP Address within the same Subnet and appear to belong to the same company Powweb.


From what I'm seeing there doesn't appear to be any changes to your MX Record and depending on how Wordfence does DNS Checks does not appear to be something you should worry about.