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Domain Transfer from outside of godaddy refund

So I recently purchased a domain transfer. but It failed. so I went and requested another one only to find out that the email associated with the domain is not reachable for me. is there any way for me to refund this?


You may need to contact support depending on how recently it was purchased you may be eligible for a refund. 


If you have the ability to access the account where the domain is located you should be able to update the contact information to your own email address and complete the transfer in something like 60 days I believe. (once you update contact info on domain lock is place on it for 60 days)

Mike L. | WebPro

the transfer request was just made today. it says "authorization code required" on the domain transfer menu but I'm not getting any auth code in my email so I just opt to cancel and request a first request is now in "declined" status. can I still get refund for that?