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Domain inaccessible in certain regions since nameserver change

In mid July we switched our web hosting from GoDaddy to Bluehosts, but retained the domain subscription here with GoDaddy. However ever since we changed the domain name servers to that of Bluehosts, our websites have been inaccessible in certain regions around the world. So roughly around 50% of our audience has reported the inability to access any of our sites or services via our domain name (IP works fine). Most of those that reached out to us reported to have been using Google DNS or a public DNS. Upon contacting Bluehosts we were advised to take up the issue with our domain registrar.


Transferring the domain name to Bluehosts is a last resort for us so we want to know if any other solutions are available to rectify this issue.


P.S. Support is too hard to get in touch with, hence my post here.

Helper VI

Hi @Jithvan, can you post your domain name?

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Hi @Jithvan,


Just out of curiosity, why did you move your hosting from Godaddy to Bluehosts? Cheaper?

To be honest I don't think moving your domain too will help, your website is 'delivered' to your visitors via your hosting servers, godaddy are now merely the registrar (record keepers) of your domain name (?). So Bluehosts are not really offering support for you by passing you back here, as because your hosting is now with them, support here can't check the problem by login in to your account. All they will see are your DNS settings, and that's pretty much all forum members will see. A few connection tests can be done, and traceroute perhaps, this can show up problems sometimes. This is why @jpablo asked for your domain name


Speaking of chat, it's available Mon - Fri Arizona local 5am - 7pm

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But support will be limited to advice because your hosting is elsewhere...