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I can't verify my email

Hi community, I have been having issues working on the new domain i got because i can't verify my email. I've checked my spam and tried all recommendation from the community but they seem not to be working. The domain name is and the email is I really would appreciate your help.


Re: I can't verify my email

Hi @onofomi,


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An external lookup in a whois directory, shows that the email address is misspelled on the domain. You'll want to update that in the Domain Manager by using the directions here





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Re: I can't verify my email

I have the same problem, the verify mail is in my inbox but i can't verify it


Re: I can't verify my email

Hi @Accessoriesty!


Thanks for posting! If you waited too long or tried to update the information on the domain then tried to click the link in the first email, it would no longer be valid to approve the updates on the domain. I recommend calling into our support team where they can check on the status of your domain to get it approved and working for you. You can find all of our support numbers here. 


Hope this helps!


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