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Intermittent issue resolving domain names

We host a mail server, and many of our clients email various domains hosted by GoDaddy.  Our issue is that on occasion when a client sends an email, it appears that the recipient's DNS server does not respond to our initial query.  The client gets a bounce back message "450 4.1.2 <>: Recipient address rejected: Domain not found"  In most cases, they can resend the email a couple minutes later and it gets delivered without issue. If we run a "dig <domain> MX" command at the time we get a SERVFAIL status.  We have tried several things with our mail server, used a different mail server, and switched between our DNS server and Google's DNS ( to no avail.  We are looking for any suggestions on why a mail server would not respond to our DNS query one minute, and a couple minutes later not have any issues.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Re: Intermittent issue resolving domain names

Hi @pmg1104, thanks for posting.

It already sounds like you tried most of the things I'd be able to suggest without knowing the specific details of the domains and emails.

Based on what you described, it sounds like there might be some issue with the domain of the recipients email address.

If you are sending the emails and only having issues with this particular domain/email address, I suggest you notify the recipient so they can review with their email provider.

If the situation is that you are the recipient and that your email is hosted with GoDaddy, I suggest you call Support to take a detailed look at your domain and email account.