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Issues changing from .com to .org as primary and eliminating SSL?

We have  the .com, .net and .org addresses for our domain with the .com being primary. In addition, we have SSL certificates for the .com. When our site was originally set up, our non-profit organization considered selling items on our site so got the SSL. However, we have never implemented and have no plans to implement online sales.

Anybody know of any issues associated with converting our primary to .org and using the .com and .net as secondary and deleting SSL? Right now, if one specifies the http .org, .net or .com sites as the URL, it redirects to the https .com site. We realize that without SSL, it would not go to the secure site but we have no reason to encrypt communication nor intend to have any reason to do so.

The only issue I could think of is that if someone bookmarked the https site, they would find it no longer exists so we would plan a one year time frame in which we would post on our main site that users bookmark the http .org site then implement the change at the end of the yearlong period.

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Re: Issues re changing from .com to .org as primary and eliminating SSL?

1) I would not recommend getting rid of the SSL once you have it as more than likely it is indexed in the search engines and not having it can hurt your listings - Google favors sites with HTTPS even if there is no commerce / encrypted items.


2) Depending on the type of server / site you have and how many SSLs can be installed you might need to use a service like CloudFlare to do redirects with the SSL - I do not recommend this as the first course of action.


Step 1) See about getting an SSL for the .net (this can be via Let's Encrypt or via GoDaddy depending on your server)

Step 2) Set up forwarding from one domain to the other - assuming this is a cPanel server you can setup what's called a wildcard re-direct


This is important as it will allow the search engines to know to switch the domain

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