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New interface - bulk edit and delete

The new interface for managing dns zones no longer supports bulk edit - and that is a show stopper for us. In many scenarios we have to switch an A to a CNAME or vice-versa and that required deleting one and creating another and saving at the same time.


Also delete no longer works. It asks to confirm delete, but does not really delete.

Super User II

You may be interested in Premium DNS


With that you would be able to copy a zone file, make the desired changes and then apply it to the domain.


Aside from that remember that changes to the DNS can take 1 - 48 hours to resolve.  So two changes seconds apart wouldn't make much a difference.


For the problem deleting records, I am not able to replicate.  Have you tried a different browser?


Same. Having to go through 5 pages and 2 feedback popups to change an option for each of my 182 domains is just ridiculous

Posting in case anyone else ends up here:

To bulk manage renewals and deletions you need to modify the URL to remove the filter. If you use
It will list ALL domains not just the one it made you click on


I don't get your post, the problem is bulk editing DNS records, not anything to do with billing. I tried appending ?filter=domain to various URLs related to editing DNS but that didn't change the problem, of being able to manipulate more than one record at once. Heck, I'd even settle for editing multiple records on one domains at a time, never mind two domains.

Have I misunderstood what you meant?


I found that you can download your zone file for a domain, and edit many cnames or what have you, but that uploading the edited file back to Godaddy results in rejections. Even uploading their own zone file unedited, untouched results in the error.