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Refund for AutoRenewal Exception Needed

A domain was set to auto renewal and posted while I was on vacation out of the phone did not work abroad so I never saw the email for it to auto-renew and now I am told it is past the 5 day mark.  There must be an exception for this - I've called as soon as I saw the bill.  I'm a few days of the 5 day mark.


I'm not familiar with it, but do you know GoDaddy's disclaimer was: 
All refunds must be posted within 5 business days, except if you are traveling abroad and do not have access to email?  If not, then I'd slap myself and just move on.  It seems GD did what they were required to notify you.

This logic, used in a different scenario, would be requesting exceptions about getting a speeding ticket just because you were 5 miles over the posted limit.  It's still speeding.  

Regardless, this is a forum for collaborative support.  You need assistance with your account, to which you need to call them.  Since you already have an account, you should be connected within minutes.

Additionally, I turn auto-renew off, especially since GD warns you with plenty of time to renew.  I also set a reminder to your phone to just check/renew 30 days before expiration.

Finally, if you are still checking email while on vacation (me too), I turn off all from my phone and just check it via PC either in the lobby or via free wifi.