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Sorry, example.ex is unavailable

Not sure if this is in the correct subforum, if not please suggest a more appropriate place. 


I am trying to purchase some domain names unsuccessfully, with the messages from GoDaddy being:


Sorry, example1.ex is unavailable 

Sorry, example2.ex is taken


Where example.ex is obviously just an example for this question. 

What does "unavailable" mean? It is different from taken, which I understand to already have been purchased by someone else.




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Re: Sorry, example.ex is unavailable

Great question @domainadminth, I'm sure that many people have a similar query?


First off the official status of a domain and the wording that a domain search shows can be quite different. As an example "unavailable" is probably a broad term for several official domain statuses? Check out What does the status of a domain name mean? and/or EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? to get a look at some of the many domain scenarios.


To get more detailed information about specific domain status I'd use a WHOIS search from a reputable company. I often use to query the WHOIS domain database. I hope that helps? Happy domaining!


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