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Subdomain forwarding with hosting outside of GoDaddy

Hi team.


I have a domain purchased through GoDaddy, with the CNAMEpointing to my website which is on clickfunnels. I also have another website (on Teachable) and was wondering how I can use a subdomain to point to this alternate website? 


I asked Clickfunnels and they said because the DNS records are with GoDaddy, it has to be done through them. I have used subdomain forwarding, which doesn't work due to the CNAME records not being with GoDaddy. Is there a way around this please?



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Re: Subdomain forwarding with hosting outside of GoDaddy

It sounds like the domain is registered at GoDaddy and you're using the default nameservers (the DNS is managed at GoDaddy).  These are the only requirements of forwarding, a CNAME should not affect it as long as they are named different.


But forwarding is basically a last resort, it's best to add the sub-domain to the other account and point it with DNS records.