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Trying to use GSuite but I get I response "this domain is not purchased yet"

Hi All,


So I have no experience at all in managing domains and that sort of things. So I'll try to explain my issue simply and please advice how to resolve it.


Yesterday I bought a domain from and then today I wanted to sign up in G Suite so I could open an account there. G suite asked if I have a domain. I choosed "Yes" and wrote the domain I bought from here. But what happens is that a message appears saying "This domain hasn't been purchased yet". 


How can i solve this issue? noting that I do have another domain from I bought last month I followed same process I mentioned above and things went just fine.. but not this time.


Thanks & Regards,,



Re: Trying to use G Suite but I get I rsponse stating that "this domain is not purchased yet&qu

Greetings @KhalidS ,


Thanks for asking, let me try a guess. When a domain is registered through us, the Registry Record is updated showing us as the register of record (that is the domain is "registered"). When other companies see this data depends on their refresh rate of polling the WHOIS. This is why your older domain was recognized.


It usually doesn't take any longer than 24 hours for most companies, so I would try it again in a day. If that doesn't do it (and YOU see it on the WHOIS) it's time to reach out to them to see what is wrong.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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