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URL Shortener Statistics Graph BROKEN PERMANENTLY ?


Decided to use GoDaddy for a URL Shortener application due to the advertised capability to do the job and capture/present  hour/day/week click statistics.


While the total count of clicks is kept for a particular shortened URL the statistics are not presented.


The message is always:

"You don't have any aggregated clicks yet."  

That's clearly not the case.


Support Ticket has been raised and there is an indication that this has been broken for 215 days as of July 10, 2017.


This feature needs to be fixed or no longer advertised as a capability. 


There are plenty of other options outside of GoDaddy to address the need...but since I was a customer already I thought I would set the new shortening domain up w/ GoDaddy and trust everything to work.


Former Employee

Greetings @LogoHair,


Thanks for posting in Community. We appreciate you choosing our URL shortener and giving it a try. Please bear in mind that the click count is an approximation and it may not detect some clicks such as self-clicks, internal clicks from within GoDaddy or clicks occurring within the last 24 hours. It is provided primarily as a convenience to customers.

I can't view your inquiry directly, but I do not see any Incidents older than July 1. You are welcome to contact support for the latest status of any active incident you have.



I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at


Thanks for your reply.


I've made three calls on this, a ticket is open. All three calls w/ Techs confirmed this IS broken.


When competitive companies offer URL shortening the temporal "usage statistics" are either NOT offered....or they ARE offered as a working feature (and thus a more useful tool). 


In the circles of URL shortening application the statistics are not seen as a minor feature.


To be clear, the Shortened URL HISTORY PAGE shows a sum total counter that increments every time the shortened link is clicked. We have seen NO problem with that cumulative counter.


What is broken is the statistics page for each shortened URL. There is no expected hour/day/week graphs of use over time. 


You folks either need to get it fixed or delete all advertising, help, and menu references to this feature/capability as you are not satisfying the functionality that your competitors have in this area. What I hate to think is that you folks have put a low priority on fixing this because of some revenue stream you believe it averts.