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Use root domain point to heroku

I would like to point my root domain to my heroku app and forward to Does anyone know how this is possible? I added two photos to show what I have done so far.Screenshot (119).pngScreenshot (120).png


Re: Use root domain point to heroku

Hi @petermir!


It is definitely possible to redirect your domain to your Heroku app. Typically, Heroku will provide you with the instructions of what they would specifically like you to change. In general, though, you would point your A record (which is missing in the picture provided) to whatever IP address Heroku tells you to, then you would set up a forward for the WWW record. With default records, the WWW record is normally already set to redirect to the A record, but it looks like you have made some adjustments based off of the pictures. Sometimes, companies like Heroku will give you a separate record to redirect your WWW record to instead of forwarding it, but it really just depends on how they want it configured.


Here is a guide on how to change various DNS Zone File settings. If you're missing a record, like the A record, you can just select Add Record, select A for the type, and then complete the record based off of how Heroku wants the domain connected.


I hope this helps!

Re: Use root domain point to heroku

I have the same issue - but Heroku doesn't support A records. Any other ideas?

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Re: Use root domain point to heroku

Hi @cmattack. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! In looking into this, I found the following video. Hope it helps. 


Note: Due to a recent change in forwarding, it's no longer possible to forward your naked domain to your WWW domain. This is being worked on by our developers. There is another thread about this here which I'll try to update once the issue is fixed. 




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Re: Use root domain point to heroku


Re: Use root domain point to heroku

the key is to add www with the domain name like this:


heroku domains:add www.<your domain name> --app <your heroku app name>

the www is key since heroku wont give you an IP address you can't set the CNAME @ only the www entry.


two more important things to note:

  1. redirect / traffic to /www
  2. use the DNS target not the app URL from Heroku or you will wind up redirecting your url to the heroku app url not the one you want to use.