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Using a Domain Instead of Free Domain with Hosting Order

I have recently bought a domain through GoDaddy. At the time, I was unsure of who I was going to host my site through. Now, I have decided to use GoDaddy Economy Hosting with Windows. When I go to purchase this plan, I see that it offers me a free domain with this service. I was wondering if there was a way I could reduce the price of this because I have not used my purchased domain yet. Thanks in advanced.


Re: Using a Domain Instead of Free Domain with Hosting Order

Hi @bjhunt918,

no the free domain is as well as your main domain I think. Not instead of. Whether or not you actually use your main domain isn't a deciding factor as to whether you get billed for it, it's still registered in your name. 

Hope that clears things up for you. 😊


Got Domain? Now how does it work?


I have purchased my domain name 'proofingpro'. However, I do not understand what steps I take now. I made some simple edits to the website with the promo 1-month free website builder but  I didn't understand it. It came up with a message saying buy the web service for the year before the free trial runs out? What does this mean? Do I need to pay for an additional service to keep my website running? I was looking at and was interested in their '1-year start-up web hosting'. Is this the type of thing I need to buy as well?


Please, can you advise what my next steps would be? I have just bought the domain and do not know what to do next or if I require any additional purchases. 

Thank you, 



Re: Got Domain? Now how does it work?

Hello @ittsaf


Yes, if you do not purchase the website builder before the Free trial ends, you will loose it. It's normally the case that you only get services when paying for them? The trial is just to try it out.


You have lots of choice what to do next:

  1. Point your domain name to your FaceBook or blogging page.
  2. Install wordpress package.
  3. Install GoCentral Package.
  4. Point to a Wordpress site you already have.
  5. Buy plain hosting package for developer site. (funny that the cheapest hosting gives the most potential, a blank canvas so to speak).
  6. Place your site on cash parking.
  7. Point your domain to another site.
  8. Host your own site on your own server at home!
  9. Buy a VPS or dedicated server to host your site on.
  10. Link your domain to e-comerce platform like Ebay (there are many others to chose from).
  11. Or.........get a good nights sleep and think about it tomorrow :-)