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unable to forward domain to Permanent (301)

One of my domains is registered through another company (Fasthosts), but the nameservers are set to Godaddy, where the domain ( has been hosted for more than five years.


This particular website is for the branch of a charity, which prefers branch websites to be and hosted on their own server.


The website is now up and running on the charity's server, and I wanted to do a 301 redirect from the original site.  However, this does not work from the registering company's control panel, presumably because the nameservers are set to Godaddy and I have no idea how to proceed.


Re: unable to forward domain to Permanent (301)

Hello @Hazzer!


Thank you for posting. I'm not certain how Fasthosts handles their DNS but you would want to first change your nameservers back to theirs. If they have a method for parking the domain, that would achieve this. Then you'll be able to use their interface to forward your domain to the site. 


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