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Auto Purge Reset

Our company's email inboxes were all set to auto purge messages after 30 days. However, it seems that they were all reset within the last few weeks. I had to go back in and change each one of them. I only discovered this because I got a message saying that one of our staff member's mailbox was full after sending him a message.


Any idea how this could happen?

Community Manager

Hi @BF

First off, thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Thanks for posting your question here.

I'm not sure why that would have happened in your case. I recommend reaching out to our 24/7 support team to have a look at your account. They may be able to find out if the settings were changed on our end for some reason. 


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Thanks. I did talk to someone from the support team. They had never heard of the problem and there shouldn't be a way that it can happen. In fact, there isn't even a way to do it globally from my end or GoDaddy's end. Go figure.


But since we have about 20 mailboxes and you have to change it by launching each account individually, I know it couldn't have been accidental. And I know that they were all set to auto purge because I set that up myself (and mailboxes would have been full a long time ago.)


Just another magical glitch.

I also am having this exact  problem. Can we get a update on the progress to fix this.  I manually fixed them one by one and they went back to no auto purge again.


Hello @Piscesfall,


Thank you for posting! I'm not sure what would cause that to happen. You may want to reach out to our support team to have them investigate further.


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I have discovered that one of my email boxes has the same problem. I know I had set this up years ago and had no problems. Now I can't find where in the address or setup the auto-purge is set?  Has then been removed as a function?