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Discovered an email plan was not included in my pack

For the short story: we are a charity and were (badly) advised to use GoDaddy as a host and purchase a 3 year Deluxe Mailchimp package. 

Our website is simple but the only crucial thing we need is: an email address. We have always had an email with our name in it and when we were told to purchase the Mailchimp package, we didn't;t even ask if an email address was in it.. Who want a website without an email?

Unfortunately for us, we contacted GoDaddy too late (they would have refunded the package within the first month). When we asked IF, MAYBE they could help by: changing the plan for the coming years? Giving an address? This is charity, right: we are all volunteers, even our accountant.. The only real cost we have is.. Godaddy!

We chatted, called, but the message was the same everywhere: at GoDaddy we support you 24/7 but we can't help you. 

So beware: the Deluxe Mailchimp package is not useful (you don't need it) and has NO email included. Having an email will about DOUBLE your cost. Unfortunately, our limited experience and a web developper who didn't choose the right package for us put us in that situation. And now: either we pay an additional 72E (for the first year..) OR move to Bluehost (probably the cheapest option as a volunteer could host the websites) and then lose the 217Euro the Deluxe Mailchimp package cost.. We are not sure what to do: in any case, it means that money that we should have raised for children will go to Godaddy! It's a good business, too bad they don't have a real SCR in place.

Super User II

I am not sure which products you've purchased.  Mailchimp is not a part of GoDaddy.


You re right, @Nate. Wordpress! Not Mailchimp.