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Email Subject Line Change in Workspace Email

I want to change the name/subject line/title of an email after I've read it- can I?  I can do it in Office but can't figure it out in Go Daddy Email.  For example if you sent me an email with 'Account' in the subject line and then I read it but now I want to be able to reference that email, so I want to rename it 'Big Giant Important Account' or 'Account #456677"


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Advocate VI

Re: Email Subject Line Change

If you can't re-name it, you can always forward the message to yourself and edit the subject line there. Then you have it in your inbox with the new subject line and can delete the original.



Re: Email Subject Line Change

I think this is the best idea since there doesn't seem to be a way to change it (although I can in other email programs).  


Thanks for sharing it- and why didn't I think of that! Smiley Happy