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Email: Unable to create Replies after latest update of Firefox (55.0.3)

After the latest release of Firefox loaded on my computer, when I hit the reply button on an email, a new window pops up with the correct email address to reply to, but the body of the email is not active and doesn't allow any text to be typed.  The "loading" message with the spinning wheel stays there for as long as you let it.  Other browsers are not having this problem on my pc, but Firefox is my preferred browser.  Any ideas?


This is an issue with Firefox not Godaddy, but you won't find much hepl at Mozilla. I began having the same problem after a recent Firefox update on Ubuntu. 55.0.2 (64-bit).  Godaddy email worked fine with Chrome on the same machine. Refreshing Firefox solved the problem. Help -> trouble shooting-> refresh. You will loose all of your customizations, but you should get Godaddy email working again. PIA


I have the identical problem. Checked on Firefox support and found this to try:

A variant of the Vundo trojan is known to cause Firefox to have problems loading certain high-traffic sites, including Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, and more. Not all variants of the Vundo trojan can be detected or removed by malware scanners.

However, you should scan your computer for infections first. For detailed instructions, see Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.


Firefox also says to try turning off javascript.


Same problem here with Firefox (55.0.3) - cannot compose new email, cannot reply to any of emails I have inbox.
When I use Microsoft IE, works fine.
I noticed that in IE webmail site certificate is "trusted", in Firefox same site certificate is "not trusted"
This problem seems to be related with GoDaddy webmail compatibility  with last two versions of Firefox.

Chatted with support for about 1 hour, guy named Angel was totally useless and clueless. Kept blaming Firefox.  He said it works in his environment, but when I asked him what version of Firefox he is using, he replied with 52.x.x.
Very frustrated, terrible support !!
GoDaddy need to resolve this certificate issue with Firefox, and teach their support guys to keep their test environments up to date.

The problem on my system was "uBlock Origin" add-on.  White-listing the site did not help.  Had to completely disable the add-on.

Same story with Support - Totally useless and sarcastic to boot. Absolutely the worst support experience I've experienced with a major software service. As a result, I'm looking for another hosting company for all my accounts. 


After experimentation, I find that the webmail client works in the "Updated View" but doesn't work in the "Classic View".  While a PITA since the "Updated View" does not have the same functionality as the "Classic View" at least you can send emails from the web client.



I do see that it works in the "updated view". 


Can you comment on what features are not available in updated view that makes you not like it?