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Email forwarding weirdness and Google for business

Now that I have my Google for business email all working and good there is one more bit of weirdness that I can't wrap my mind around.


When email is sent to from anywhere on the web, it gets delivered to my google box without problem. HOWEVER, when email is sent from my web host (like from a web form), it obeys the old email forwarding rules and gets delivered in my pre-google-for-business method.


So, it appears that the host is capturing the aliases and forwarding the email before it checks with Google. And if that is the case and I simply remove the forwarding rules, will email addresses generated from the GoDaddy site and destine for the GoDaddy domain get returned with unknown user?

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Hi @blake


Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


If you have your website set up on a cPanel account, there is a setting you'll need to update so that the hosting account knows to send mail outside of your account. By default, cPanel domains are set up to deliver email generated from the website to local (on the server) mail boxes. Since that's not what you have, you'll need to update your MX Entry settings from "Local" to "Remote". For more information on this, you can see this article


If that doesn't help, additional details on your hosting environment and domain can help others in the Community answer your question Smiley Very Happy


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