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Email on outlook



I set up my domain with godaddy and email with google mail suite. I was using outlook to check my mail and send mail. After using it for a day or so I got an error message "the server for account "Gopieinvestments" returned the error "WEBALERT  "" " "  " "" " web login required. Your user name, password or secutiry settings may be incorrect.


I also received an email from google "Review blocked sign in attempt from a less secure app. I tried to change the settings for secure app in google but they say it needs to be done through go daddy.


I can still access mail in browser.


Also shows this


"The server for account "Gopieinvestments" returned the error "5.7.14 m193sm1438491vkf.24 - gsmtp." Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password"