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Email stopped working without modifying anything

Hi There,


I have setup my email client on my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac. Everything worked fine for a couple of years. But I have seen that in the last month, I can't send any email from these email clients. However, when I go to Go daddy's web page, and access my email, I can send out email from there. 


I have tried changing the port numbers, and same situation. 


Please advise.




Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

I would first back up your email on your Mac. Once that is done I would try the fallowing.


Go into your outgoing setting and retype the working password. Based on your question you already know your password, or using an auto fill to view your web mail.


If you have tried every port and verified the password is correct, then you would remove the email account from your device and re-add it.


I hope this helps.



Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

Mine died too. I got an email that the ability to send from 3rd parties was suspended until I changed password. I had been spoofed. So I changed passwords, and more than 24 hours later I still cannot. Tech support is trying to pawn it off as a 3rd party issue.


Thunderbird not working with new password

Blackberry 10 not working

Tried to set up outlook, got an error connecting to stmp


Tech support swears the hold got lifted, but obviously not.

Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

Mine still isn't working. Have tried everything, password change, port change, software update, delete and add account. Nothing. Please help. 😩


Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

A few weeks ago all my client email apps stopped sending email which was around Oct 1. For many years I've used outlook on the  windows platform and the mail app on the iPhone to read and send email. Both platforms now give me an authentication error when trying to send email. Again, I have been able to send and receive email prior to this problem on both platforms. As of a few weeks ago I am not able to send email using IMAP and the smptout server. Again, I've made no configuration changes and have not changed passwords. Both platforms are receiving email and I'm able to read email on both platforms. However, using the same login to read email, I am not able to send email. This problem only exist with the client apps Outlook 2013 and IPhone mail app. I am able to send email using the Godaddy Webmail interface. I have worked this problem with your online chat support with no luck. This seems to be a much deeper problem than your usual support team can handle. One clue may be that is seems my email was hacked before this happened. I received several none deliverable email notices from people I do not know. Perhaps Godaddy shut down a port my account was using. Perhaps my ability to send my was shut down due to spam. Please restore my ability to send email using my client apps. Please do not show me how to setup the Outlook 2013 and IPhone apps. I tried this a number of times  and it is not working. This is my company's email and a main source of communication. Thank you.

Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

My GoDaddy custom emails are being rejected when outgoing.

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Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

Hi @kwharris50,


What exactly do you mean by 'custom' emails? 


Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

I have used the for outbound e-mails for years without issue, Saturday it quit working.


error talking to smtp server 421 cant connect


As I haven't changed anything, what have you ???????


Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

Mines exactly the same, a couple weeks ago, stopped working.  Tried all the ports listed on the website, but can't send for any of my devices.  This is obviously a problem at Go Daddy since it's impacting multiple people on multiple devices without changing anything.  


Go Daddy, please give us a recommended fix, thank you!

Re: Email stopped working without modifying anything

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: host [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 552 5.2.0 TP7wfjVOX7psk :DED: Access to this mail system has been blocked for XXXXXXXXXXXXX due to spam activity. Spam was seen coming from this IP, and possibly other scripts running on it. For help resolving the issue, see Once the compromise has been cleaned, please contact customer support to remove the block.


pl revert at