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GoDaddy Office 365 >> OneDrive on iOS won't sync pictures or documents!!


I've spoken with GoDaddy support, who gave me some instructions that did not work.  Then they directed me to Microsoft who directed me to GoDaddy.


I've tried installing the old OneDrive Business app on my iPhone, it doesn't sync ANYTHING.  Then the new OneDrive app on iOS says you have to add a personal one (so I added a personal one with the same email) and then GoDaddy said it would sync across those apps.  it doesn't.


So I am left with the option of syncing my photos and videos to the free 5GB that comes with any Microsoft OneDrive account and manually move (somehow?) to my Office 365 account.  I finally called GoDaddy and they are escalating to the 365 team to contact me on Monday and if it doesn't work issue me a refund for the expansion I purchased that gave me 50GB of email and 1TB of storage because what I found was it was cheaper on Microsoft's website to upgrade for $99 a year for both PLUS it gives you the desktop installable apps not just the mobile apps!


So I ask, my community friends; has anyone figured out how to have iOS/iPhone automatically sync pictures, and documents, with OneDrive 1TB that comes with GoDaddy's Business Essentials plan?  I would sincerely appreciate it since GoDaddy support cannot seem to get it together and provide support for their services.  (Frustrated, sorry).


Thanks SO very much and a cookie for the first person who can answer this successfully for me.  I'm at wits end!  Thanks so much!  This isn't even for a business this is for my personal use!!  They had me upgrade and that seems to always be the answer lately at GoDaddy is spend more money to get what I want then it doesn't always work as advertised especially with the Office 365 stuff.  (Frustrated again, sorry).


I love GoDaddy's services usually but this has been very frustrating.  So, heeeeelppppp!!! 🙂  Thanks everyone!


Hi @Jdwg78, I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had.
The business version (the version we offer) doesn't have automatic syncing through OneDrive, and neither versions have support for document syncing. More information on using OneDrive on iOS can be found in this article provided by Microsoft:
If the plan doesn't meet your needs, please do contact our support teams to review your account with you.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I'm in the same boat, except I don't have an iPhone. The PCs that I have linked to my account will not upgrade from a 5GB plan to the 1TB plan I am currently subscribed to.