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GoDaddy Office 365 vs Microsoft Office 365

Okay, not really sure where to start on this. Currently have a home license for Office 365 through Microsoft which is going to expire in April. I also have email setup through GoDaddy. It doesn't expire renew until July. I really need to switch over to Office 365 for Business. Now my question is, do I upgrade GoDaddy to Office Premium for $14.99 a month or switch over to direct from Microsoft for $12.50/month with a one year commitment. As I understand, GoDaddy is just a reseller of Office 365?


The question I have are the applications available from GoDaddy Office 365 Premium the exact same applications as when you go direct through Microsoft? I am most wondering about SharePoint. I see that specifically listed on the app offerings on Microsoft, but I don't see it referenced on the GoDaddy site.


If I do switch to Microsoft, how do I handle changing email over? It seems both are on exchange and perhaps when you get email from Microsoft, it seems to perhaps just be a GoDaddy product anyway? I see on their site you can get a free domain, which comes from GoDaddy. Just trying to determine the best path forward to consolidate Office 365 and my current email product from GoDaddy.

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Community Manager

Re: GoDaddy Office 365 vs Microsoft Office 365

Hi @MissyT. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! As far as I know, there are very few differences between the Premium tier for either product. One difference I was able to find was that we offer HIPAA compliance on our Business Premium plan where Microsoft does not. Also, we have a few additional services like Email Encryption and Email archiving that can be added via an upgrade. These are only available on Microsoft's Enterprise level. Sharepoint is also available on our plans. I hope that helps. 


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