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GoDaddy eliminating POP3?

Does the announced forced migration of email mean that GoDaddy is eliminating POP3 access?  Their announcement makes no mention of what will happen to those of us who configure our desktop email clients (e.g., Outlook) to receive and send through mailservers.  Nor is there anything in the FAQ about it.  I don’t want and won’t pay for Microsoft 365.


At least the timing is right – my domains all expire at the end of the month.  If GoDaddy won’t continue to provide POP3 access at no additional charge, I’ll transfer them to a registrar who will.

Getting Started

Yes it does, take your POP emails and just copy the folders up to the Exchange server.  Depending on how your POP was set up, you just might get ALL your emails again (with me it was over 10K of emails).  If that is what is happening or even if it is not, change the PW on the POP account to fail, create new IMAP account for the GD Exchange server, drag all pop emails into Exchange Server.  Should be all set at the point.. Do NOT re-enable POP account. If you do NOT want them on the server, write them out to a new PST and then just open that PST in Outlook.



Thank you for the info, DAVENUG. I have tens of thousands of emails in my Outlook archive going back over 20 yrs. that I’m not about to upload to an Exchange server. I want the emails I’ve viewed stored my PC, not on a server. I don’t want IMAP; it automatically wipes all messages from the server, which I don’t want to do with all of my devices. And I assume all this means still having to pay extra to subscribe to Microsoft 365, which I refuse to do. I’m proceeding with my plans to transfer my domain to a registrar who offers the standard minimum client-server relay access that has been obligatory for any email service since time immemorial.


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The old Workspace emails are being gradually phased out for a superior email system. This new platform is more secure, stable, and can be synced across all devices, from mobile to desktop, offering a better overall experience for their customers. GoDaddy's taking steps to ensure they have a seamless upgrade process with a dedicated team ready to support you and other affected customers by offering different options. They're also providing support and easy migration for existing customers who don’t wish to upgrade to the O365 email service. You may want to contact the support team at any of the numbers below, to find your best solution.



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This just regurgitates the “this will be good for you!” smoke in GoDaddy’s announcement and doesn’t answer my question about whether the new email will still allow POP3 access.  No point even replying.

Getting Started

I have the same thing as you do, over 20 years of POP email.  What I did was I wrote all my POP account emails out to a new PST.  And I open that new PST with Outlook and I have my pop emails, they don't get propagated up to the IMAP server (unless you drag them there),  that way I have my new IMAP stuff as well my old POP stuff. I also copied all my old POP email up to AWS Cloud for a just in case scenario (have designs in there that need to keep).  You can also create local folders and move your IMAP stuff into them with a few simple Outlook rules.  GL with your move, as I think MOST hosting companies are moving in the IMAP direction.  POP is /has been getting OLD and most are going to phase it out.  There will be straggler's, but eventually they will move, because they don't have to mange the email servers ... Lazy is ruling IT if you have not noticed .... :).